China’s One Child Policy – Advantages and Disadvantages

Population Density: The amount of people in one area.
Population Distribution: The pattern of where people live.
Population Pyramid: A diagram disturbuting the age and sex of a population.
Birth Rate: The rate of children born each year usually in thousands.
Death Rate: The amount of people who die each year usually in thousands.
Natural Increase: The growth of a population brought about as births exceed deaths.
DTM: Demographic Transition Model is The demographic transition model seeks to explain the transformation of countries from having high birth and death rates to low birth and death rates.
Migration: moving into another country.

We have recently been learning about the one child policy in Geography. We have learnt that there many advantages and disadvantages to the policy for the whole world and for China as a country. There are many different thoughts on China’s one child policy, many people think that it is a good thing, but others think the opposite.

China’s one child policy was made in 1979 to stop the exceeding of population growth in the country. China has become overpopulated because of the amount of births that are happening and the amount of deaths, it surpassed the amount making the population to rise. Another reason for the increase in population was the year of the golden pig and the year of the dragon, many chinese people believe that this is a lucky year for them to produce a baby so many people had sexual intercourse. China is a massive country, people though by moving there they would be guareented a job, this caused many people to move to china also meaning that the population rises.

There are many advantages to the one child policy. If you only had the one child and was following the policy, you would get free child benefits such as education and health care. another advantage is that the the main reason it was made for was to keep the population low and decrease it. It also reduced the amount of use towards natural resources as there are less people.

On the other hand there are many disadvantages. This includes girls to be abandoned or killed as it was better to get a boy. This is bad for the future as there would be more boys than girls meaning there would be more competition looking for relationships which can cause violence. another disadvantage is if you were poor, you were unable to  have a second child as it was more expensive. The second child would not have a life as it would be kept at home or be hiden, this would mean the child would not be able to go to school or even go outside the house.

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